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Avera Sports Institute - unlevel the playing field

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Proven Results - Train like the Pros!

The Avera Sports Institute's training facility attracts professional athletes from the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball for sports training. When the pros from this area want to elevate their game, they come to us. Here are just a few of the athletes we've trained who've reached the upper echelons of professional sports:

  • Kyle VandenBosch - Tennessee Titans
  • Kevin Kaesviharn - New Orleans Saints
  • Steve Heiden - Cleveland Browns
  • Ben Leber - Minnesota Vikings
  • Josh Stamer - Tennessee Titans
  • Kirk Hinrich - Chicago Bulls
  • Adam Timmerman - St. Louis Rams (Ret)
  • LaVar Woods - Tennessee Titans (Ret)
  • Bryan Schwartz - Jacksonville Jaguars (Ret)
  • Scott Connot - Kansas City Chiefs (Ret)
  • John Ranek: Edmonton Eskimos (Ret)