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Athletic Republic Program Components

The Athletic Republic program features off-season high-intensity performance-enhancement training for competitive athletes ages 12-adult. The six-to eight-week program is scientifically-designed and proven to make athletes faster, more explosive and more self-confident. Athletes completing the program average improvements of .10 seconds in the 10-yard dash, .15 seconds in the ProAgility run and two inches in vertical jump.

Running Program

Our Super Treadmill reaches speeds greater than 28 mph and inclines up to 40%. Manipulating Super Treadmill speeds and inclines allows our trainers to target the two components of sprinting speed – stride length and stride frequency – while simultaneously providing you with the optimum training environment in which to improve sprint mechanics and recovery ability.

Hockey Program

ASI's Athletic Republic program also uses a treadmill designed exclusively for hockey players. This patented, revolutionary training device allows you to wear your own skates while training at speeds up to 18 mph and inclines up to 35%. Just like our running programs, hockey treadmill speeds and elevations are adjusted to target stride length and stride frequency – the two factors associated with top-end skating speed. Every training session is designed to address correct skating mechanics and simulate game conditions.


Our plyometric exercises are designed to improve your ability to move quickly and explosively in any direction. By targeting your “core” area – the low back and abdominals – and hip musculature, we can maximize your body’s neuromuscular system to improve single and double leg foot speed, balance and strength, as well as your ability to stop, start, jump and change direction.

Strength Training

Athletes participating in six-or eight-week programs receive a thorough strength, flexibility and power evaluation. With these results, we use our uniquely-designed strength training equipment to develop strength and power in ways traditional lifting doesn’t. Combining Cybex, Hammer and free weights, our lifting programs target your deficits and build functional strength in ways that transfer to the field, court, rink or pitch.