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Gifts & Memorials

What benefits will be derived from a gift or memorial by me?

Your gift will help to improve the health of the people of this community and give them not only more years but more useful years through health care that is as modern as medical research and development can make it. A gift from you to Osceola Community Hospital is actually a perpetual annual contribution to the health of future generations.

Ways of giving to the Osceola Community Hospital

While most gifts to Osceola Community Hospital come in the form of cash and pledges, we also invite you to consider these other ways of giving.

Bequest: A stipulation in a will which specifies that money or property is left to a charitable institution such as Osceola Community Hospital.

If you would like to remember Osceola Community Hospital in your estate plan the following is an example of bequest language that you can direct your attorney to include in your will:

”I, [name], of [city, state, ZIP], give, devise and bequeath $_________ (or specific asset, % of estate or % of the remainder of my estate after taking care of all other provisions) to Osceola Community Hospital.

If you wish to restrict your gift to a specific project or to endowment consider adding ‘for’ and the following to the above statement:

a. restricted use to fund (donor’s choice of project or fund)
b. restricted use to fund the _______ Endowment within the Foundation."

Charitable gift annuity: This is created by an irrevocable transfer of money or property to Osceola Community Hospital in exchange for the promise to pay a fixed dollar amount annually to one or more individuals for life.

Charitable reminder trust: This is a formal contract separately administered which takes the form of either an annuity trust where the dollar return is fixed or a uni-trust where the return is a fixed percentage of the trust assets.

Gift of farm or residence with life estate: A farm or personal residence may be given to OCH as outright paid up policies, as policies with premiums paid by the donors (such premiums are tax deductible if you itemize deductions) or as policies which designate the Osceola Community Hospital as a partial or sole beneficiary.

Revocable trust: The trust agreement which may be recalled by the donor during life but which becomes irrevocable at the time of death. This may provide income for the donor and Osceola Community Hospital. The portion assigned to OCH is tax deductible.


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Community Health Needs Assessment

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