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CLIA Certified Lab

The Osceola Community Hospital's laboratory department employs medical lab technicians who are responsible for performing tests on blood, tissue, and body fluids. The OCH medical lab technicians assists with tests that are used to diagnose and treat illness and disease. The OCH medical lab technicians also prepares samples for analysis, monitoring procedures and tests in the lab, utilizing laboratory equipment to look for dangerous microoranisms in samples, analyzing the chemical content of the samples, matching blood that is to be used in transfusions, and more. 

These tests aid the physician in diagnosis and treatment of illness. The physician also utilizes these tests to monitor therapy. The OCH laboratory uses state of the art equipment and has a well trained staff to offer round the clock service, 365 days a year.  Our laboratory is CLIA licensed and has a consulting pathologist on staff.  In cooperation with the OCH occupational health department, the laboratory offers urine drug collection and certified breath alcohol testing.

OCH's outstanding service is a result of skilled, experienced personnel and sophisticated equipment. We employ highly trained, certified personnel with decades of combined experience and practical know-how. Our laboratory is applying its collective expertise in accordance with nationally recognized codes, standards and specifications required for providing the best treatment available.

Our laboratory uses state-of-the-art technology, and serves a diverse clientele in a wide variety of fields.