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Materials Management

The Materials Management Department is responsible for purchasing all hospital supplies and equipment for controlling hospital inventory. The department interfaces with every hospital department assuring supplies are kept in stock, equipment is purchased in a timely and cost effective manner, and all supplies are available 24-hours a day. The hospital carries more than 1,600 different items in our storeroom. That number doesn't include various items stored in other locations throughout the hospital. Since the needs of patients are always changing and we need to be ready for any and every emergency situation that may arise, the Materials Management Department strives to be sure we are equipped.

Also, the Materials Management Department is instrumental in developing strategic plans in the assurance of quality in preventative maintenance for biomedical equipment management.

Furthermore, the Materials Management Department is responsible for the furnishing of sterile and non-sterile supplies to the various areas of the hospital for the care and treatment of the patients. We follow hospital procedure in cleaning, sterilizing and storing instruments and supplies used in OB, OR, ER and the medical-surgical floor.  We acknowledge the requests of the doctors and nurses as needed and on a daily basis. We keep record and inventory of supplies and keep the storage areas clean and in order.

At Osceola Community Hospital, we understand the importance of keeping health care costs low while keeping quality high. All purchase requests are reviewed using three criteria: (1) quality, (2) patient safety, and (3) cost.