Sioux Center Community Hospital building

Alex, Lily are top local names in 2009

A total of 180 babies were born at the Sioux Center Community Hospital & Health Center during the 2009 calendar year that ended last Thursday night. While that total was short of the 199 babies born during the 2008, year, it was better than the total of 178 in 2007.

The most popular Sioux Center names were Alex for boys and Lily, variations, for girls. Alex was picked four times while Lily was picked three times. Top runner-up names for boys were Blake and Ayden for boys with three selections each, while for girls, the runner-up names were Addison, Bailey, Brooke and Haley or Hailey, with two selections each.

Nationally, the most popular names for 2009 were Aidan for boys and Amelia for girls. Runners-up for girl names were Isabella, Ava and Sophia. For the boys it was Noah, Liam and Caden. This is according to the website

In Sioux Center, some of the unusual boys' names selected by parents during the year included Brogan, Cohen, Dracin, Gunner, Tranden, and Yeshua while some of the unusual girls' names were Apphia, Dayan, Genesis, Jaylenee, Jersee and Kalyson.

While some of the names were new, traditional name choices also dotted the listed. For boys, those selections included names like Henry, Kenneth, Edgar, Milton, Charles and James while some of the more traditional girls' names included were Cora, Bridget, Denise, Hannah, Kimberly, Lucille, Violet and Rose.

Biblical names were especially popular among boys at the Sioux Center Community Hospital & Health Center. Those included David, James, Levi, Jonathan, and Samuel.

Here is a look at some of the names that were selected multiple times during 2009 at the Sioux Center hospital.

Lily (3); Addison (2); Bailey (2); Brooke (2); and Haley/Hailey (2).

Alex (4); Blake (3); Ayden (3); Christopher (2); David (2); Dylan (2); James (2); Jonathan (2); Kory (2); Levi (2); Landon (2); Reid (2); Samuel (2); Salvador (2); and Colton/Kolten (2).

This story was written by Steve Hoogland of the Sioux Center News on January 6, 2010.