Sioux Center Community Hospital building

Hospital lab gets new equipment

A new hematology analyzer has been purchased for the medical laboratory of the Sioux Center Community Hospital & Health Center Avera. This is a replacement machine purchased using funds donated from members and businesses of the community during the last Year End Appeal. The analyzer will benefit Sioux Center and surrounding communities because of its superior diagnostic capabilities.

"The technology this machine uses is ranked best in system performance, system reliability, and service response," said Nevonne Stoker, Laboratory Supervisor with the Sioux Center Community Hospital & Health Center Avera. "We are especially excited to bring this technology to Sioux Center because it is the same technology and diagnostic capabilities as the analyzers used in larger hospitals."

The hematology analyzer is a tool used in the laboratory to perform blood cell counts. Its state of the art technology can analyze a higher volume of samples ensuring a more efficient system. "Since analysis of blood is one of the first diagnostic tests used by physicians, accuracy and efficiency are critical," said Nevonne. "The new analyzer can differentiate between normal and abnormal samples."

The money raised from the 2009 Year End Appeal was used to fund this purchase.  "We are so appreciative to our community for the financial support they give so generously to our organization," said Kayleen Lee, Chief Executive Officer with the Sioux Center Community Hospital & Health Center Avera. "Their support is a benefit to the entire community because they help us continue our healing ministry."