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Physicians Promote Childhood Literacy

Sioux Center and Hull Medical Clinics have partnered with the national Reach Out and Read program, a leader in helping bring books and the love of learning to children.

"The Reach Out and Read program is an organization whose main goal is to get books in the hands of children," said Dr. M. Yvonne Rayborn, family practice physician with the Sioux Center Medical Clinic. "We believe that our commitment as physicians goes beyond traditional medical care. We also provide education and guidance for all our patients. Becoming a partner with Reach Out and Read enables us to help educate parents about the importance of reading to their children."

Reach Out and Read was developed by pediatricians and early childhood educators to make literacy a part of routine pediatric care so that children enter school ready to learn. Research shows children who are read to more than three times a week have approximately four times better literacy orientation than those who are not read to this often.

In partnership with Reach Out and Read, The Sioux Center and Hull Medical Clinics are able to give each young patient a book to take home, to encourage parents to make reading aloud a routine activity. Books are given to children at their checkups from 6 months to 5 years of age.

"We want to make literacy a standard part of pediatric care. We're promoting both healthy child development and life long success," said Rayborn.

The program has received generous financial support from American State Bank of Sioux Center and Walmart. These donations have made it possible to purchase about a year's worth of books for the medical clinics.

What others are saying about Reach Out and Read

Educating parents about the importance of reading should become a standard part of what pediatricians do, much as health and safety guidance is now. What pediatricians do through programs like Reach Out and Read is just as important as immunizations, car seats, vitamins and good nutrition.
~ Former first lady Laura Bush

Research shows that reading aloud to children from an early age is vitally important to their development. We've seen the tremendous impact that Reach Out and Read has on kids in Iowa and across the country, who are in danger of falling behind even before they reach school age. Reach Out and Read is an investment in the future and helps ensure that more children have a greater chance at success.
~United States Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa)