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Friedmann Receives IHA Scholarship


SIOUX CENTER (June 1, 2011) - Karisa Friedmann of Sioux Center was one of 32 recipients awarded for the Health Care Careers Scholarship Program from Iowa Hospital Association. 

IHA's Iowa Hospital Education and Research Foundation (IHERF) awarded $96,000 in scholarships to 32 college students from all parts of Iowa.  The students, who are all studying in health care fields, will each receive $3,000 for the upcoming academic year and each is eligible for up to $6,000 in assistance from IHERF over two years.

This year's recipients include nurses seeking both graduate and undergraduate degrees as well as students in physical therapy, occupational therapy, ultrasound technology and physician assistant programs.

Karisa, who works full-time at the Sioux Center Community Hospital & Health Center Avera, is also pursuing a degree as a Registered Nurse from Northwest Iowa Community College. She anticipates graduating in 2013 and has been going to school for 2 years.

Her busy schedule is sometimes not that easy, considering she raises and supports 6 children of her own. "It's been difficult," said Friedmann. "But I know that in the end it will all be worth it."

She started thinking about health care as a profession because of the significant impact you can make on someone's life.
"One of my goals in the future is to be able to go into a medical service project. I'd like to work at a clinic where there are no active medical services, go down and work the clinic in that area."
She currently works as a full-time CAN/Universal Worker at Franken Manor & Crown Pointe in Sioux Center. "I commend the Sioux Center Community Hospital & Health Center Avera for their support, and I am appreciative of all my supervisors who have worked with me throughout my schooling."
"The first day of nursing class my teacher made a statement asking how many of us want to be the nurse that everybody wants." I think this statement made a significant impact on me, and is something I strive for every day."
IHA established the IHERF Health Care Careers Scholarship Program in 2004 to help address the ongoing shortage of health care professionals and encourage young Iowans to remain in the state as they establish their careers.  The first scholarships were awarded in 2005, and now 200 students have benefited from the program.  In exchange for financial support, scholarship-receiving students agree to work one year in an Iowa hospital for each year they receive an award.  Including these latest awards, the scholarship program has provided $600,000 in direct support to students since its inception.

IHA staff, the IHERF Board, hospital leaders and IHA Auxilian/Volunteer Board members from throughout the state evaluated scholarship applications from more than 130 students, who were judged on grade-point average, a written personal statement, letters of reference, and extracurricular, community and health care-related activities.


Sioux Center Community Hospital & Health Center Avera is a non-profit, community hospital which was established in 1946 by a group of local leaders who envisioned a health ministry to serve the health needs of the community. It is governed by forty community members who volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors and a ten-person Executive Board of Directors.