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The Empty Nest

Friday, October 4, 2013

Memorial of Saint Francis of Assisi

“Help us, O God our savior, because of the glory of your name; Deliver us and pardon our sins for your name’s sake.”(Psalm 79:8)

Things are sure quiet at our house. We are now empty nesters along with several other couples we know. What a change it has been for us. Recently I took the time to really think about the phrase “empty nesters” as it relates to our home. First I thought of some of the obvious, tangible signs … less laundry, fewer groceries, a clean house and a spoiled dog. Then I began to think of the intangible reminders … more reflective-alone time, less decision-making control and missed opportunities to provide guidance or influence. Through this process I realized that the intangible reminders are much more difficult for me. I wonder if God has ever felt like an empty nester. At times His children leave His side or stray from Him. Does He feel as though He has lost control or missed an opportunity. The scriptures today from the books of Baruch, Psalms and Luke all have a common theme: God’s people stray from his Word and then repent and ask for forgiveness and mercy. The scriptures remind us of our God’s promise of grace and forgiveness as long as we ask for it. Many people have told me that even though we are empty nesters now, children often times come back home. (With a slight grin, people also tell me that when they do, the transition can be even more difficult than the one we are experiencing now.) God has planted seeds of faith in each of God’s children. We pray that the seeds that have been planted continue to guide our daughter and the decisions that she makes while she is away from home.

Father God,

thank You for Your promise of Grace and Forgiveness for those who ask.

Teach us to reflect on the seeds that You have planted and to remain faithful.

We ask this in Your Name.


Michelle Walter
Director, Information Technology Clinical Engagement and Operations, Avera

BARUCH 1:15-22 • PSALM 79:1B-2, 3-5, 8, 9 • LUKE 10:13-16

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