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Heart Health

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

“The LORD became angry with Solomon, because his heart turned away from the LORD, the God of Israel, who had appeared to him twice and commanded him not to do this very thing, not to follow other gods. But he did not observe what the LORD commanded. So the LORD said to Solomon: Since this is what you want ...” (1 Kings 11:9-13)

God became angry with Solomon not because he messed up, or made a mistake, or even committed a sin. God had addressed Solomon personally appearing to him twice, yet Solomon allowed his heart to be divided. He kept a pretense of serving God, but his actions betrayed his heart, which was pursuing other gods.

Our actions reflect our hearts, not the other way around! God so quickly forgives an action when we ask. Just look at David's life! What was the difference? David followed God "wholeheartedly." Solomon enjoyed wealth and wisdom that God so freely gave, but he turned his heart to serve other gods who had nothing to offer. Solomon had a very sick heart!

Here is a core truth of living wholehearted lives: Our hearts cannot be divided. As Christ's followers, we have had heart transplants! Our sick and divided hearts have been replaced with forgiven, new hearts! When we serve God wholeheartedly, we aren't just giving God a nod when it serves us for appearances' sake.

As part of Avera, we are not merely pasting the words "faith" or "Christian" onto our mission to make us "look good" to the world. Following the mission of Christ - living his life whole heartedly in the world as we minister to the sick - is the core of who we are at Avera!

Let us often re-examine our hearts to be sure that we are following God in Christ with our (new) whole hearts.

Maker of our hearts,

keep teaching us to serve You in wholehearted love.

Enable us to be instruments of Your compassion and

Believe in Your faithfulness.

We humble ourselves in renewed trust. Amen.

Laura O'Neill
Medical Physicist, Avera Queen of Peace Cancer Center

1 KINGS 11:4-13 • PSALM 106:3-4, 35-36, 37 AND 40 • MARK 7:24-30

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