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The Special Work of Self-Denial

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday of the Fourth Week of Lent

“The works that the Father gave me to accomplish, these works that I perform testify on my behalf that the Father has sent me.” (John 5:36)

If I have been a little less smiley lately, this reflection may explain. Recently I gave up many of the sweets in my life. Goodbye chocolate, gummy worms and ice cream. For some this may not feel like a sacrifice, but candy has a special place in my heart, and it is often my go-to after a difficult day.

I decided to make this change not only for my health, but also to observe Lent. My friend told me that people should give up something difficult to give up during Lent because it helps with repentance. Believe me; I have felt very repentant some days. I am ashamed of my lack of will power, and I’ve even tried to work in a loophole where I could have one treat a week.

Easter for me has always been a time to start fresh. Maybe it has something to do with surviving another cold South Dakota winter. Easter symbolizes that spring is here with new plants, baby animals and rebirth. It’s easy in our world of excess to worship other things than our God. Easter helps me to reflect and reminds me that Jesus died for our sins. Compared to His suffering, giving up excess and silly things like sweets should be (pardon the pun) a piece of cake. After my recent Lenten experience I’ve realized that more prayer instead of turning to a treat after a difficult day will not only be good for my waistline, but also my soul.


Thank You God for the changing of the seasons,

for the beauty of budding trees and new life.

Please God let this Lenten season be a time of growth

for each of us that brings us closer to You.


Lindsey Meyers
Communications Director, Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center

EXODUS 32:7-14 ● PSALM 106:19-20, 21-22, 23 • JOHN 5:31-47

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