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All Wisdom

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

β€œAll wisdom comes from the LORD and with him it remains forever, and is before all time. The sand of the seashore, the drops of rain, the days of eternity: who can number these?” (Sirach 1:1-2)

I love watching geese fly in formation, change positions or drop back to help one of their own. I wonder how they know what to do and where to be. Yet they stay so perfectly in sync with each other. There are other things in this world that amaze me like how can everyone’s fingerprint be unique to each person, how can each snowflake be incredibly diverse or how did God ever come up with the miracle of the human body? Scientists and scholars have spent countless hours creating and testing theories to find answers to the most amazing creations of our world. While scientific findings have made us extremely advanced, they are probably only the tip of the iceberg of all that is still undiscovered. 

Many times there are no reasonable explanations. We are not able to explain why a friend has cancer, how a brother or sister will survive an accident or even what went wrong when a loved one has lived such a healthy lifestyle. We journey with people as they face the unknown. We offer our hand of compassion in hope that we will provide comfort in the most vulnerable times of someone’s life. We will always search for answers. We will always wonder why. Even when certain things are not revealed to us, we remain faithful that God, in His wisdom, will shed light in His own time. God has created all things and knows all things.

Wisdom may not always be about understanding but about accepting without fully understanding that God has given everything to us as a gift. Sometimes in my foolishness, I fail to recognize Him and His presence in my life. The human body, the stars in the sky and our fingerprints are all works of God. His wisdom is beyond our understanding.


God of Wisdom,

Open our eyes to experience You in both the simple and

complex creations of the world.

Open our hearts to accept the challenges in our lives

even when we do not fully understand.

Open our hands as we offer compassion

to those searching for answers. Amen.

Gail Sommerfeld
Director of Mission Services, Avera

SIRACH 1:1-10 ● PSALM 93:1AB, 1CD-2, 5 ● MARK 9:14-29

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