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Wait and Trust

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

“My child, when you come to serve the LORD, stand in justice and fear … Be sincere of heart and steadfast … Wait on God, with patience, cling to him, forsake him not; thus will you be wise in all your ways. Trust God and God will help you.” (Sirach 2:1-11)

Reflecting on this passage from Sirach, the words “wait” and “trust” stand out for me.  Wait on the Lord, and God will help you. Trust God, and God will help you.   


I have a habit of turning to the Lord for help — no matter what predicament I may be in. Whether I lost something that was much needed or forgot something important, I try to be calm and trust the Lord will help me get through it. And most often things do turn out alright.     


Trials, big or small, come into our lives every day, and it is so easy to fret and worry.  Sirach tells us: “Wait on God, with patience, cling to him, and forsake him not; thus will you be wise in all your ways.”  There is so much wisdom in those words, and I pray I carry this teaching in my heart always and live it every day of my life.    


Dear Lord,

You are all good and merciful.

You watch over the lives of the wholehearted and forsake not Your faithful people.

Be with us as we commit our lives to You in love and trust.


Sr. Marita Kolbeck, OSB
Sacred Heart Monastery, Yankton, S.D.

SIRACH 2:1-11 ● PSALM 37:3-4, 18-19, 27-28, 39-40 ● MARK 9:30-37

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