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Sacrifice to Salvation

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

“But now once for all He has appeared at the end of the ages to take away sin by His sacrifice. Just as it is appointed that men and women die once, and after this the judgment, so also Christ, offered once to take away the sins of many, will appear a second time, not to take away sin but to bring salvation to those who eagerly await Him.” (Hebrews 9:26-28)

The definition of sacrifice is giving up something valued. For those of us who are parents, we probably feel as though we routinely sacrifice for our children. Perhaps we sacrifice for our own parents, siblings or other family members. Perhaps we sacrifice of our time, of our finances and of personal relationships we have built.


However, how much do we really sacrifice compared to the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, who died on the cross? Throughout the season of Easter this year, I truly pondered the reality and brutality involved with Jesus’ death on the cross. Being the visual person I am, seeing it on television as part of “The Bible” production made it a very real, horrific event. I was left feeling sad and responsible for what Jesus had to endure those last few hours of His life.


Christ, by His death on the cross, took away our sins. All we need to do is trust in Him; then we can be assured of salvation.


Dear Lord,

through the sacrifice of Your Son on the cross for our sins,

we know we can have salvation.

Thank You for giving so generously so we can be saved and spend eternity with You.

In Your precious Name we pray.


Karla R. Peter
Health Information Specialist, Avera

ACTS 1:1-11 ● PSALM 47:2-3, 6-7, 8-9 ● EPHESIANS 1:17-23 OR HEBREWS 9:24-28; 10:19-23 ● LUKE 24:46-53

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