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How Do You Store Your Treasure?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Memorial of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Priest

“Jesus said to his disciples: ‘The Kingdom of heaven is like a treasure buried in a field, which a person finds and hides again, and out of joy goes and sells all that he has and buys that field. Again the Kingdom of heaven is like a merchant searching for fine pearls. When he finds a pearl of great price, he goes and sells all that he has and buys it.’” (Matthew 13: 44-46)

  The dictionary definition of treasure is wealth or riches stored or accumulated, especially in the form of precious metals, money and jewels. This makes me think of how each of us treats our treasures. Some of us put them in a safety deposit box. Some don’t believe in banks and would hide them in a box and bury them. Others might use their mattresses. For some of us, our treasures are our families and friends, our jobs and our Lord. 

When I first read this verse I really didn’t understand it. As I read it now, it brings many questions to mind. The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure. Do I bury it, try to buy it … can I buy it? God has given each of us the Kingdom by the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. All we need to do is follow Jesus to have a piece of that treasure. The Lord himself is that treasure. Where will you store Him?   Will it spoil? Will it become more valuable as it gets older?? These are some of the many questions I have been pondering. 


Dear Heavenly Father,

thank You for the gifts You bestow on us each day.

Open our hearts to the questions we ask

and help us to realize that Your kingdom is the true treasure that we seek.


Teri McLaughlin
Executive Assistant, Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center

EXODUS 34:29-35 ● PSALM 99:5, 6, 7, 9 ● MATTHEW 13:44-46

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