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The Gift

Monday, September 16, 2013

Memorial of Saints Cornelius, Pope, and Cyprian, Bishop, Martyrs

“Hear the sound of my pleading, when I cry to you.” (Psalm 28:2)

Last week I listened to a story told by James Finley, a former Trappist monk, who studied under Thomas Merton.   A psychotherapist friend of James had told him about an experience he had with a very distraught woman. The woman had a young son with autism and was suffering greatly trying to care for her son.   After several years of therapy the woman came to a conclusion during one session that she was doing better and didn’t need any more counseling. 

The counselor said to her, “Before you leave this final meeting together I have a gift I would like to give to you. “  She wondered what the counselor had for her and asked him what the gift was.  He replied, “Your son.”

This story reminds me of something Paula D’arcy, a contemporary speaker on spiritual matters, says:  “God comes to us disguised as our very lives.”


Oh God,

who is hidden in the people and events of our lives,

grant us the grace to see life through the eyes of our hearts

with compassion and love. Amen.

Paul Willrodt
Friend of Avera,

1 TIMOTHY 2:1-8 ● PSALM 28:2, 7, 8-9 ● LUKE 7:1-10

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