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Shining Examples

Monday, September 23, 2013

Memorial of Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, Priest

“Jesus said to the crowd: ‘No one who lights a lamp conceals it with a vessel or sets it under a bed; rather, he places it on a lamp stand so that those who enter may see the light.’” (Luke 8:16)

According to Wikipedia, the first battery-operated flashlight was invented in 1899. Until recently, I have fumbled through a lot of things in the dark because either I didn’t have easy access to a flashlight, was too lazy to get the flashlight or realized the batteries were dead. That all changed when my teenage daughter downloaded a flashlight app to my cell phone. Now I’m “Johnny on the Spot” with my flashlight! I’ve whipped my cell phone flashlight out in all kinds of places to shed some light on the situation. This convenient source of light that is with me all the time has increased my need for and reliance on light even though the flashlight has been around for more than 100 years.

Think about the light you are carrying with you. Are you concealing it or hiding it under your bed, or are you letting it shine for everyone to see? This light that you carry around shines when you offer a smile, a helping hand, a listening ear and a caring spirit. Don’t be shy today – SHINE!


God of Hope,

thank You for being the light of the world.

Help us to let our lights shine,

especially in the darkest of times.

Show us where we can offer caring compassion,

and give us the energy to step up and SHINE!

In Your Name. Amen.

Gail Sommerfeld
Director, Mission Services, Avera

EZRA 1:1-6 ● PSALM 126:1B-2AB, 2CD-3, 4-5, 6 ● LUKE 8:16-18

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