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While We Are Busy Making Other Plans

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Who can know God’s counsel, or who can conceive what the LORD intends?” (WISDOM 9:13-18B)

I am a planner. I sometimes enjoy planning a party and all the details of it more than I actually enjoy the event. There, I said it. I hate to admit that as most people look at me cross-eyed. You see, during the party, I am actually planning the clean up or next event or what would have made this event better.

I know. Sit down and enjoy it.  Scripture reminds us that we are not in control. Who knows what God has planned for us? God reminds us frequently that when we put our faith, our trust, our lives in His hands, He cares for us. 


Lord of all,

help me to recognize the power of Your love and care for me each day. Amen.

Kayleen R. Lee
Chief Executive Officer, Sioux Center Community Hospital & Health Center Avera

WISDOM 9:13-18B ● PSALM 90:3-4, 5-6, 12-13, 14-17 ● PHILEMON 9-10, 12-17 ● LUKE 14:25-33

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