John De Zeeuw and members of his family, along with residents of Crown Pointe and Royale Meadows were on hand to dedicate a garden and gazebo area in honor of former resident Greta De Zeeuw.

The idea came up to do a pond/garden concept as a Memorial for Greta last winter. Over the winter months, Mr. De Zeeuw and Jennifer Thiessen discussed potential vendors and his vision for the project.

In March and April 2012, they met with Ground Effects designer, Steve Sneller, and decided on a design concept and finalized their plans for a Waterfall-style pond with a garden including a paver “patio” viewing area to the pond. The pond and garden feature evening lighting really adds to the beauty of the project.

In April they finalized the design of the Gazebo structure that would sit on the existing cement pad. John’s desire was that the Gazebo structure be “maintenance free” and so they decided on “vinyl-sheath” covers for all of the materials rather than painting them. The Gazebo has a “Pagoda-Style” roof and is equipped with electrical outlets and evening lighting. The gazebo was built by Dexter Ellis of Four Seasons Builders LTD. of Sioux Center.

Two cement walking paths were created in order to make the gazebo and pond more accessible to tenants and residents of Crown Pointe and Royale Meadows. Everyone seems to appreciate this very much! The Memorial Project features an engraved bronze plaque with 3-D relief images of Mrs. De Zeeuw. The project construction began in mid-June and was completed at the end of August.